Social Marketing

Social Marketing campaigns are everywhere, the potential of Social media cannot be overstated. Businesses can share information and attract prospective customers with a variety of social media like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Services like LinkedIn can help companies of all sizes to meet people in their industries, creating a host of opportunities for them, while Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook really allow businesses to connect with people and present their products. With the ever increasing number of people using social media, it has become an excellent platform for content marketing and link building. It is no wonder that most of today’s successful businesses have a social media budget; People spend 3 times more time on blogs and social media than email, regardless of their age, and search engines now put social media in search results and use them when ranking a website. It’s time for your business to step out into the Social marketing world let JR’S Handling manage your Social Marketing campaign, we can help you really shine and stand out from the rest.

•  Over 1/3 of the U.S. has a smart phone; they have social media access everywhere 24/7

•  It does not have to be difficult: engage with people when it is convenient

•  You can time the release of content and automate the process

•  Social Engagement strategies cost 62% less than traditional, interruption marketing

It’s clear to see that your company needs to have a presence on the ever growing social networks, we can handle your Social marketing campaign for you so you can focus on running your business.

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