What is SEO?

With 25% of all 34,000 searches per second looking for local businesses, you would be foolish not to invest in creating a powerful online presence, SEO is critical! Search engine optimization is the process in which a website is modified and enhanced so that it is found more easily. The goal is to gain more exposure on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, etc. This is defined as optimizing a website’s “rank,” meaning that it is modified with a variety of tactics so that it comes up as close as possible to the first search result under a variety of search terms. There are huge number of tactics used in search engine optimization, such as proper key-wording, link building, and analytics.

Why You Need SEO?

Build it and they will come: No! It is a common misconception that once a company has a website built, people will see it. This is very often not the case. Once a website is built, it’s imperative that tactics are used to enable it to gain public exposure through one of the Internet’s most common sets of tools -Search Engines. This process is referred to as Search Engine Optimization.  As 75% of people never search past the  first page on search engine results, it is critical to gain as high a rank as possible.

Pay-Per-Click vs. Organic SEO

Fact: People click on organic results 75% of the time and paid results only 25% of the time The primary difference between pay-per-click (PPC) and organic SEO is that PPC demands a constant, ever-changing amount of money to maintain a web presence. One month, the amount of money needed to rank high on the search engines with a given set of terms may be extremely low. However, at next glance competitor interest in the terms can increase wildly. This forces one to either totally revise strategies and generate fresh content, or extend the budget to cover the additional expense in maintaining visibility on the Internet. With organic SEO there is no immediate promise of high search ranking, as the search engines only look-over the Internet every so often. In this instance, you are not paying for the variable spots reserved only to PPC, you are investing in semi-permanent results. These results are driven by a plethora of specialized tactics like blogs, link building, and keyword analysis that demand someone carefully keeps track of analytic results. Skilled SEO specialists can get a website to rank highly fairly quickly with organic SEO, and once you attain this rank it usually requires only occasional maintenance.


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