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Twitter: A how to on fan page marketing

Unfortunately, most people who devote their precious time to Twitter and not realizing its full potential. While it’s a casual service that allows for brief quips of information to be easily shared, for a business to use Twitter to generate sales is far more time consuming and difficult than you might imagine, though the results and increase in revenue make it well worth it. To use it as an effective content marketing and link building tool, with every Tweet:

• The target market must be identified

• There must be a schedule and plan for every post

• Specialized software is needed to keep efforts organized

• Targeted keywords and general SEO tactics should always be considered

• You must establish yourself as a respected authority

• The Twitter landing page needs to be custom-created for maximum effect

• Followers and people you follow need to be investigated and researched

• The process must be constantly analyzed with specialized software


It doesn’t have to be all that tough, though. There are literally dozens of special tools to make social media a lot easier and less of a commitment. They keep you organized, aid you in gaining in-depth information, let you plan your posts ahead of time, and allow you to see how well you are doing at a glance. You can even have you blog and Twitter accounts tie into each other; a very effective, time-saving setup. If you develop a precise step by step process and use Twitter tools to aid you, the investment pays off. With increased customer/brand exposure and more sales leads, the results far eclipse your efforts.



You probably use Facebook to share your life with your friends and acquaintances, but it’s also a great tool to use in promoting a business. You can easily show people what you do on a daily basis as well as what you enjoy. Share your success and what you love with comments, videos, music, photos. Facebook provides a great opportunity to use social media in growing a business:

•  Create a separate account for your business can help generate buzz

•  Use a variety of analytics tools to track your progress and see the results

•  Used in conjunction with other social tools, enjoy a dramatic effect on web presence


By creating a separate account for a business, you can connect with your customer base and gain brand loyalty. If you really want people’s attention, a custom page is in order, assuring you more followers and exposure. If that is still not enough of an audience for you, there is always the option to advertise, which will further increase brand awareness and web traffic. You can even have your blog flow in to Facebook, allowing the two to feed off of each other, driving traffic and increasing your presence.



Google has tried to enter the realm of social media several times, but this time it looks like they got it right. During the first 2 weeks of their debut, they had over 10 million users sign up, and for good reason. Google+ works to expand on what Facebook has already brought us while further innovating social media. It integrates some of their other social services like Google Profiles and Google Buzz, and presents some other interesting concepts, providing huge potential for increasing company awareness among a large audience. Google+ boasts of “circles” that organize contacts for sharing, “hangouts” for group video chat, and even integrated video games. “Badges” are a reward for interacting with people. They also have a very innovative tool called “ripples” that lets you see who you are reaching with your messages and the whole process of social sharing, an enormous step forward in providing an avenue for people to see how far reaching their posts are and how they can improve them. “Sparks” enable people to see what might interest them and “hashtags” provide accurate labeling. Google+ provides an excellent way for a company to use targeted tactics to garner public awareness and brand exposure.




Chances are, you are one of the majority of people that has heard of YouTube. However, most people do not know of the fantastic opportunity to elevate a business’s web status. YouTube is an excellent social media tool for expanding an online company. By sharing free tutorials and interesting videos you are connecting with your client base on a personal, emotional level. This goes a long way in attaining more company awareness and attracting a following. Also, by posting your YouTube videos to a website or any of the many forms of social media, it takes it even further, promoting a business, its brand, and its services.




You could say LinkedIn is more serious social media for professionals. It allows you to easily connect with your industry and its people. You can glean many business opportunities from it while also connecting with your customers. As an online strategy, you can increase web presence and enjoy more sales through targeted links and posts on LinkedIn.



This social networking website is not only for interacting with people; it’s also for interacting with the environment. It’s the bridge between internet-based communication and face-to-face interaction. With a smart phone you can “check-in” to a location with Foursquare. Your GPS location can be shared with friends, providing the opportunity for casual gatherings. “Check-in” to a place enough times and you get rewards, badges, and titles. All of this means a great opportunity for link building but more importantly for a business to connect with the community.


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