Back linking

What is backlinking?

 When search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing “look” at your website, they also take into  consideration the number of websites that link to your site, as well as the  types of websites that link to your site.  A higher quality back link will have  better results than a lower quality link but it is important to remember to make your links look natural and not to have a thousands appear over night. The process should take a few months with links being built slowly over time to sites that really are in the same niche as yours and that complement each other’s sites.

 Links to a website can also be built through article marketing. Article marketing is one of the most popular and commonly used method of back linking. This method involves writing articles having links pointing to your website and submitting them to several article directories. You can write the article yourself and place them on sites like Ezinearticles, Entrepreneur’s Journey and many others sites, some are free to post others cost a little but this is a great way to acquire back links for your site, just make sure you have a great landing page for them with a enticing call to action on the page when they get there.with

What is a Landing Pages?

When someone enters certain terms on a search engine such as Google and conducts a search, they typically receive an enormous number of results. Because of this competition, it’s necessary to make each visit count. When someone clicks on a result and a website pops up, it’s critical that you grab their attention and effectively capture a sales lead. Landing pages are based around this idea. When someone searching the Internet visits a landing page, it is optimized to generate a sales lead. Landing pages with calls-to-action are absolutely critical for Adwords pay-per-click advertisements. Because 75% of people ignore these ads altogether, when someone clicks you desperately need to get their attention quickly:

•  Designed to grab the visitors attention

•  Entice them with a call-to-action

•  Call-to-Action provides you with a prospective customer’s email address

•  With a track-able phone number you get a quantifiable increase in sales leads

•  Absolutely critical with Pay-Per-Click: Get the best return on investment

As you can see backlinking is a crucial part of your online marketing campaign, let JR’S Handling handle all your backlinking for you so you can stay busy running your business.


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