Online Marketing

Online marketing can be defined simply as “promotional activity through the Internet”.  This includes Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, Email-Marketing, Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing.  The starting point for online marketing is the extension of an existing business into the online space.

 Three simple steps to Online Marketing are:

  •  Attracting visitors to your website.
  •  Engaging arriving visitors, keeping them interested.
  •  Changing their interest in a transaction to;  a product purchase, a phone call, a newsletter subscription, or a  competition entry.

Online Marketing delivers greater opportunities than traditional marketing methods – Advantages of JR’s Online Marketing:

  •   Results obtained are instantaneous.
  •   Provides new levels for customer interaction.
  •   Opens a doorway to an instant global market –  your reach expands overnight.
  •   The opportunities are plentiful in the brave, new world of Online Marketing.

Good news for Online Marketing – the Internet continues to grow.  Bad news – becomes more difficult to be found.  The Solution – Develop a Good Online Marketing Plan!

Most companies don’t have an online marketing plan or strategy.  JR’S Handlings basic guidelines for Online Marketing are:

  • Create an effective Online Marketing Plan.
  • Design your website to target customers, industry, suppliers, businesses or whoever your end user is. 
  • Create an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan and strategy for your website.
  • Real time analytics.
  • Online advertising.

With proper planning and good observation, you can stay focused and make the most from all your online marketing activity.  Combine your Direct Mail advertising with your Email Campaign, plus your online marketing efforts to obtain the best results. Consider using a company that has been around the block a few times and can get you the results you need, fast!  JR’S Handling has over 21 years experience in marketing, we care about your bottom line!

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