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JR’S Handling has partnered with Constant Contact Email Marketing to more efficiently handle your Email Campaign from start to finish, or, to manage only the areas you choose.  Email lists, consisting of “opt in” prospects from many different demographic groups, connect you with your target market.  Increase your response rate by combining an Email Campaign with a Direct Mail Campaign, and receive a discount on both services.  It has been our experience that customers who use only Email Campaigns, without complementing Direct Mail Campaigns, fall short of their marketing goals.



Email Marketing attracts new customers, and keeps current customers coming back.

As a growing organization, your passion and commitment, and the quality of your customer relationships, separate you from the big guys.  Email Marketing reinforces those relationships and connects you with your customers in a way no one else can—every time you hit  ‘Send.’

Email Marketing delivers bottom-line results.

Fast and Effective – Email Marketing gets your message out to customers, and keeps your organization foremost in their minds.

Email Marketing is a breakthrough marketing tool that’s as easy to use as it is powerful.  We’ve custom built social media tools into our 400+ email templates.  Connect with a new audience of potential customers, via social media sites, generating even more new business each time you send an email.  Take your bottom line to a whole new level!

Personal coaching and know-how make it easy.

Our personal touch coaching, and unparalleled know-how make it easy for organizations, like yours, to make a real impact with customers.  Our industry-leading email and social media marketing tools have made us the first choice of over 400,000 small businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Unbelievably powerful,  yet really simple.

Try Constant Contact Email Marketing FREE FOR 60 DAYS

Email Marketing can keep your organization top-of-mind with customers, generate new ones, and keep your current relationships going strong for as little as $15 a month.


  • Templates and one-click editing –  Easy to use.  Choose your customizable template.
  • Free personal coaching and support  – By phone, email, chat, and in person—anytime.
  • Affordable—start for FREE – Priced for small businesses and nonprofits.
  • Secure, permission-based email lists  – Grow your email lists—it’s easy and secure.
  • Facebook, Twitter links  –  Promote your campaign on social media.
  • Anti-spam checker  – Send campaigns that get delivered.
  • Social Stats  – See who tweets, likes, and shares your emails.
  • Apps & Integrations  – Sync with your apps or find new ones.

Click here to run counts on an Email list or Direct Mail list.

Click on the link below to get started with your Email Campaign today, or give us a call at  818-400-4591 for more information.



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